Regardless of the fact that you signed up for a race, you’re still a human being, with a schedule, conflicts, commitments, and limited energy. Even the fittest, most dedicated runners sometimes have to skip a training run or fit it in at another time. Which is to say: It’s okay, it happens. 

In the event that you miss a run during your training, it’s best to skip it and continue with your plan as written. Obviously, you don’t want to skip training runs left and right (if that happens, it’s a sign that you should review your schedule and see how you can adjust), but missing one run will not invalidate your training. Stick to the plan as best you can, increase your miles slowly, and take your recovery seriously. If you can do that, you’ll be ready on race day. 

How to adjust your training schedule in the ASICS Runkeeper app: 

You can reschedule the current week’s workouts individually by tapping on the blue pen and paper icon on the right of the workout cell. Once you’ve selected the day and time you’d like to do that workout, just select Done and your workout will be rescheduled.

Separately from adaptive race training, if you happen to be doing My First 5K or My First 10K as part of guided workouts, those are recommended to be done three runs per week. There’s no calendar on them or anything, it’s just a list of workouts that keep getting unlocked.

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