This week we’re sharing the fourth in the series of five speed workouts that make up the ASICS Pace Academy™ Challenge. 400 meter repeats are a popular workout for a good reason—these hard repeats will make you feel more comfortable while running fast.

Your 5K goal pace may seem intimidating at first, so breaking it up and running fast for just 400 meters at a time makes it easier mentally, and will train your body how to run faster.

This fun workout will total 4 miles, but you will only need to run hard for 1.5 miles. Make those 1.5 miles count!

The Workout

  • Run 800m slow to warm up.
  • Run 400m fast.
  • Run 400m slow.
  • Repeat 5 more times.
  • Run 800m slow to cool down and recover.

Remember, getting faster is a personal goal—improving by 1 minute or even just 5 seconds is a huge accomplishment. Join the ASICS Pace Academy™ Challenge  for guided audio cues to this workout, and to unlock the complete series of speed workouts to find your fast.