You ever want to start a run, but not really start a run….

What I mean is you head out the door all pumped and jacked to crush some pavement, but then you’re like, “Nah, I need a minute to warm up them rocket boosters.”  Then, when you’re feeling good about everything, and get that pep in your step, you take off! However, it isn’t until about 10 minutes into your run you realize Go Running wasn’t tapped. Yeah, that’s the definition of bummer city.

Well guess what: there’s a little-known feature in your Activity Settings that will make sure those trips never go untracked again—all you have to do is toggle on the Countdown Timer. This handy option will let you set a countdown timer that won’t begin an activity until it reaches zero. Although this might not be a cure-all for absent-minded people like myself (you still have to tap Go Running to activate the timer) at least you can select Go Running the moment you walk out the door, before you have a chance to forget. That gives you enough time to still get in any warmup jogging, stretching or daily affirmations in your mirror about how you’re fast enough, strong enough and doggone it, I Am A Runner!

Pro Tip: If you ever forget to toggle off the countdown timer before an activity, no worries—just hold down on the timer icon and it will speed up the countdown for you.