The ASICS Runkeeper app isn’t just for runners. Whether cycling or walking is more your speed, or you prefer indoor workouts (such as treadmill running, strength training, yoga), you can track them in the app! There are nearly 30 different activity types to choose from. Here, we’ll show you the following quick tips:


Selecting an activity is simple. On the Start tab, tap on the Activity cell and you’ll see a list of all the possible activities you can track. Tap on your chosen activity, press OK, and you’ll see the change reflected on the Start screen. If you’re working out indoors, be sure to toggle on Stopwatch Mode.

Manual logging

If you prefer logging your activities after the fact or you forgot to track it in the app, you can log it manually!

Go to the Start tab and tap the little “+” sign in the top righthand corner. Select your activity and fill out the details on the screen shown below. When you’re done, press Save.

Left image: iPhone, right: Android

Why should you cross train?

When it comes to training for a race or general fitness, it’s good to mix it up! Cross-training may you help avoid injury as well as strengthen your whole body as opposed to just one muscle group. Common injuries, especially during winter when everyone’s relegated to running on the treadmill, include runner’s knee, repetitive stress injuries, and the dreaded shin splints.

You always want to avoid overtraining. If you’re running a whole lot, consider a Pilates workout to give your muscles a different kind of burn, or grab the dumbbells and train your upper body and core. Try to engage the muscles you don’t usually focus on. It will help improve your overall athletic performance!

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