I am an unlikely runner! I am 63 years and have been running for a year. My journey has been long—but worth it.

I grew up a very sedentary person. I liked to read, but was in no way interested in being active. I was only active when I had to be like PE or organized sports at camp. I always would pick the position in baseball where no one would hit the ball. I failed almost all of the Presidential fitness tests in PE. I was not interested!

Then, 8 years ago I was shocked into change. I was diagnosed with cancer. I knew I needed to become healthier. I had been skinny growing up, but with all of my lack of activity I had become what they call obese. (What an ugly word.) So I began with the obvious—trying to lose weight. I was bound and determined to do it without becoming active. But I soon discovered that can only get you so far. I was frustrated.

I started running at 62 years old

One day someone mentioned to me that I was internalizing anger about the cancer, that I needed to get it out and that the best way was to—you guessed it—exercise. I knew, with my history that I needed to start small so I committed to 10 minutes five days a week.  By the end of three months I was up to an hour a day.  I started to feel empowered. I was not as tired. The better I felt the more I did not want to break the routine.

After two years I got bored with what I was doing and decided that I needed a challenge. I had heard other people talk about couch to 5K plans. I figured that if they could do it I  could too. And so it began, a few minutes at a time.  I ran my first 5K four-and-a-half months later.  I wanted to keep challenging myself so I paid the money for the Disneyland Half Marathon, which was this past Labor Day weekend.


It was my first official, and it went very well.  To think that just a little over a year ago I started this journey, and I actually finished a half in just over three hours. I am hooked.

I had started using Runkeeper when I was walking. I loved the ease of it and having a record of what I had accomplished. Now with running that was even more important to me.

I now work out six days a week.  Every other day is a running day, and I look forward to them the most.   I log 25-30 miles a week.  Not fast, but I can go for a long time!  I am no longer medically obese.  Not where I want to be, but so close and I have the tool to get me there.

People ask me if I am proud of myself, and my accomplishment.  I tell them that I am still in shock and awe that I am even doing this.

If I can do this, anyone can!