In January, I weighed almost 220 lbs. I decided it was time for a change. Years ago I used to love to run, but as my weight picked up, so did aches, pains and fatigue, so I gave up on it for many years and slipped into a dormant state physically.


I started asking friends and family about their favorite fitness apps and searched the store. I came across the ASICS Runkeeper app™ and downloaded it and have never looked back since. I made no excuses this time; I dedicated myself wholeheartedly to training day in and day out in 20-degree weather and snow. It didn’t matter to me. As the weather got warmer and pounds started shedding, it got easier and more fun. All that mattered was that I got healthy for myself and my family.

It’s been four months and 61 lbs later, and this past Sunday I ran in my first “official” 5k race. Believe or not, out of 547 participants I placed 63rd with a time of 25:29. When I first entertained the idea of actually running a 5k months ago I thought, “man if I could do it in 30 minutes I’d be happy.” Well, beating that goal by nearly 5 minutes was an amazing success for me, and Runkeeper helped keep me motivated to do it! So, to any and everyone who has played any role no matter how insignificant to developing, creating and getting this app out to us, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for helping me in my fitness and health journey and finding my love  of running again!

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