We know you’re always on the move, so we’ve updated our social sharing options to make it even easier for you to post your workout stats. Here’s what’s new!

Now you can snap the perfect pic before, during, or after your workout without leaving the app. You can also see how the image will look with the Runkeeper stat overlay so you know what to expect when you hit the share button.

We’ve also allowed you to have more control over what you share. Now you can easily choose from photo, map, or graphic overlaid with your awesome stats. Trust us, humblebrags have never looked better.

We’re so excited to share these updates just before the Global 5K! Be sure to get out there this weekend and track a 5K and check out the sweet custom overlay to help celebrate the event. Remember to use #RKRunner when you share to connect with the rest of the Runkeeper community across the world.

Have questions about how to share? Check out the support articles for both iOS and Android.