The world’s most legendary marathon is less than a week away! As a Boston-based company, the Runkeeper team has got you covered for your Boston Marathon race day, with advice for both spectators and runners.

So without further adieu, here are a few tips from our team to yours. 

The Best Place to Watch the Marathon

The Best Place for a Pre-Marathon Shakeout Run

The Best Restaurants to Carbo Load

The Best Restaurants to Eat After the Marathon

Best Place for a Post Run Beer

Why the Boston Marathon is the Most Magical Thing to Happen in Boston

The Best Place to Watch the Marathon

“Right outside of Kenmore Square. Too many people near the finish. You can get up close to the railings instead of looking overheads from the back of the crowd.” – Matt, UI Manager

The race day crowd watches runners at Kendall Sq.
The race day crowd watches runners at Kenmore Sq.

“Heartbreak Hill Athletic Company! HHRC is one of our fabulous local running shops, and they always have water out for runners. I love them! It’s a great location on Heartbreak Hill, and you can take a quick break to walk to Peet’s if you need sustenance.” – Sam, Program Manager

“Try the top of Heartbreak Hill because the runners need all the encouragement they can get!” – Eliza, Customer Support

Cleveland Circle. Just when runners felt the joy of running downhill and loud cheers at Mile 21, runners need encouragement as the climb begins again and there is a need for some cheering on. Plus, plenty of bars and multiple green lines into the city.” – Harvey, Digital Marketing Manager

Coolidge Corner. It’s not too crowded, so you can move around but still enjoy great energy and activities!” – Jason, Senior UX Designer

“Go to the finish line! It’s incredible to witness that last push and the reactions as people cross that historic line.” – Jamie, Software Engineer

“At the corner of Beacon St and St. Mary’s is a good spot because that is where the BU kids huddle! You are guaranteed to see something entertaining if you hang around long enough.” – Paul, Marketing Coordinator

“BC for its a non-stop party for the whole race and never a beer shortage. Boylston Street for the height of excitement for everyone spectating and running.” – Jake, Director of Business Development

Washingon Sq, Brookline. With a few miles left to go, the runners appreciate the cheers at this point. Bonus: it’s easy to find parking on the side streets of Brookline around here.” – Erin, Director of Marketing 

The Best Place for a Pre-Marathon Shakeout Run

“Take a nice two-miler on the Esplanade next to the river.” – Matt, UI Manager

“I love the run around Fresh Pond in Cambridge/Watertown. It’s a mostly flat, trail surface. Lots of puppies!”
“Check out anywhere between the Mass Ave Bridge and the Longfellow Bridge.” – Sam, Program Manager

“If you’re up to venturing, check out Castle Island in Southie!” – Phil, Software Engineer

Castle Island Boston
Castle Island – Photo Courtesy of Mass Travel

Shakeout with Simon

The Best Restaurants to Carbo Load Before the Marathon:

“Just make your way to the North End like every other runner is going to do. A few of our favorite spots are La Famiglia Georgio’s and Bacco’s.” – Matt, UI Manager (and many others on the team!) 

“I love Sofra in Watertown—their shakshuka with those delightful pitas! I’d be sure to get some extra pita pre-marathon!” – Sam, Program Manager

Fiorella’s in Newton, their Gnocchi is amazing” – Jason, Senior UX Designer

And, someone on the team likes Mexican Food: “Chipotle, Chipotle, Chipotle” – Paul, Marketing Coordinator

The Best Restaurants to Eat After the Marathon

“Bring on the milkshakes and fries! Check out UBurger!”- Phil, Software Engineer 

“Well, if you’re hungry and don’t want to wait for hours, then eat anywhere outside of a mile radius of the finish line. Seriously, there’s no hope for mankind at any of the restaurants on Boylston” – Matt, UI Manager

Fire and Ice at Arlington. Eat your heart out.” – Harvey, Digital Marketing Manager

Fire and Ice
The Grill at Fire and Ice – Photo Courtesy of rickpilot_2000

The Granary Tavern: best chicken and waffles in Boston.” – Jason, Senior UX Designer 

“Go to Saus! Belgian Street Food FTW.” – Erin, Director of Marketing

Best Place for a Post Run Beer

Bukowski’s off of Boylston if you like dive bars. Yard House in Kenmore Square if you like selection. Your hotel if you’re wise.” – Matt, UI Manager

Harpoon Brewery! And they have those killer pretzels with all of the dipping sauces! Take the $5 tour, too, for all of those samples.” – Sam, Program Manager

Sunset Grill because the beer list is awesome” – Eliza, Customer Support 

Rattlesnake Bar—just far enough from the finish line to keep sane from the madness and a great roof deck!” – Harvey, Digital Marketing Manager

“Definitely Deep Ellum, best beer and cocktails in Allston” – Jason, Senior UX Designer

Tavern in the Square. Tons of beer on tap and the food is surprisingly delicious.” – Paul, Marketing Coordinator

“The Tip Tap Room in Beacon Hill has lots of great beer options!” – Erin, Director of Marketing

Why the Boston Marathon is the Most Magical Thing to Happen in Boston

“Because it unites people in a sport that is shaping what New England is known for.” – Matt, UI Manager

“Growing up here, the Marathon has been such a wonderful thing to look forward to in spring. And I went to Wellesley, so I have some fond memories of the scream tunnel (and salt-crusted arms from many high fives) at the half waypoint. So many dear friends and family run every year for great causes (and a few speed demons who BQ)—it’s not just a globally recognized race, it’s a hometown race.” – Sam, Program Manager

“It not only shows Boston what great runners look like but also gives normal people a chance to run something iconic.” – Eliza, Customer Support

“Witness it for yourself and you’ll understand. It’s why I started running.” – Jamie, Software Engineer

“Rain or shine, it is a full day celebration!” – Paul, Marketing Coordinator

“Happens as spring is cracking in Boston, Red Sox Season starts and the city now holds the race up as a symbol of strength.” – Jake, Director of Business Development

“The whole city turns out to cheer on thousands of people they’ve never even met. Everyone gets inspired and captivated by the sheer strength and determination that is displayed by marathoners, and people get this running thing that we are all about.” – Erin, Director of Marketing 

And with that, on Monday have an amazing race day no matter where you are. If you’re around Boston, we’ll be live-tweeting, handing out free swag, and offering promo codes for our Runkeeper Go offering at the Sports and Fitness Expo.