If you have ever been to Boston, chances are you’ve taken the MBTA subway, more commonly known as the T. The oldest and most infamous of the MBTA lines is the Green Line, which splits into several branches and runs above ground through the street for much of its length, leading to verrrrry slow trips.

In a meeting of the minds, The Boston Calendar and Runkeeper have come together to prove once and for all just how slow! On Friday, July 25th, a brave group of runners from the Runkeeper team are going to show that when it comes down to it, taking the Green Line just isn’t as fast as lacing up your running shoes and relying on your feet to get you somewhere. Follow along as they try to Outrun The T, beginning at 11 AM EDT on Friday. Our Runkeepers will depart from the Boston College stop at the same time as the T, and race along the path of the B Line to the Blanford stop, the last stop before the T heads underground to meet up with the other lines at Kenmore station.


We will have our runners from Runkeeper using live tracking as they run, and another Runkeeper employee live tracking as they sit comfortably in the Green Line as it makes it’s way from BC to Blanford. You can follow our runners herehere, and here, and the T here, or check out the microsite, which will stream the trips as soon as the race starts! Feel free to follow along on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag, #OutrunTheT, and may the best mode of transportation win!

You can find us @Runkeeper and @TheBostonCal on both Twitter and Instagram.

Design credit to Paul Medico.