Sure, basically up to late 2010 I weighed almost 380 pounds. I was getting heavier by the day. I have given up hope on me ever losing weight. One day I read a review for Runkeeper and how it tracks your walking progress. Since I’m obsessed with apps I decided to give it a try. I instantly fell in love with it and I have been using it ever since then. 


Runkeeper literally helped me save my life and helped me get back on track. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling with weight loss and needs that extra bit of motivation. Back then before I discovered Runkeeper, I would get up around 11am, drive to my local fast food restaurant, get four to five burgers, a couple orders of  fries, and the largest (diet) drink they had on the menu. Ate it all in less than half an hour and go to sleep. Later I would wake up, drive to school for my night class and after class at 10pm, I would stop at another  restaurant for a similar order and eat it all either in the parking lot or while driving home. Once I got home I would discard the evidence in the trash, go home and go to sleep.


That was my regular routine for many years. Now, I eat a ton of salads, grilled chicken amongst other healthy options, all while exercising using Runkeeper. My proudest moment was when I reached 200 pounds few months ago.

Since I started using Runkeeper, I have walked over 450 miles and lost almost 200 pounds. I have not been this weight since before high school. I feel fantastic and I was actually able to find the love of my life! We are getting married in May. All thanks to Runkeeper; I learned how to portion my meals and balance them carefully.


I have never been this happy in my entire life. It was an amazing success which I know I would not be able to accomplish if it wasn’t for this amazing app. Huge thank you goes out to all the wonderful developers who made this fantastic program become a reality for all of us either trying to lose weight or stay in shape!