Plogging is a combination of picking up litter and jogging. It comes from the Swedish verbs for picking up litter (“plocka upp”) and jogging (“jogga”). The activity is not limited to jogging, of course! The act of picking up can be applied to any outdoor sport.

Why should you plog?

We have two very good reasons:

1. You’ll contribute to a greener earth. 

We’ve all seen trash in public areas. Plastic bottles, food wrappers, take-out containers and cups, straws, etc. These items don’t always get cleaned up. It has to go somewhere, and if it doesn’t go in the proper receptacle, it’s ending up where it doesn’t belong and disrupting natural habitats and wildlife.

2. It’s great exercise.

You can turn plogging into a great cardio workout. After all, it involves repeated bending/squatting. Do it at your own speed—make it a leisurely activity or a fast-paced aerobic one! You could even do a few squats for every item you pick up and make those movements count. 

Plogging tips

  • Always wear gloves
  • Bring a few recyclable or compostable trash bags and tongs or a garbage picker
  • Don’t pick up broken glass or hazardous items
  • Always plog during the day
  • Follow traffic rules
  • Basic safety rules apply! If an area is littered but you wouldn’t feel safe jogging through normally, choose another route.
  • This is a great activity to do with family and friends!
  • Share on your social and tag #PlogWithRunkeeper to inspire others to take part

Plog jog with us!

Try the Plog Jog Guided Workout led by Coach Berry in the ASICS Runkeeper app. And while you’re there, check out our other Guided Workouts!

And, for the month of April, celebrate Earth Day by joining the Plog Jog Challenge in the app. Log four workouts in the app and pick up litter during your route. Tell your friends! (This challenge has since ended. We encourage you to explore the available Challenges in the Runkeeper app.)