We’ve all been there. You’re out for a run, and the music stops. You look down at your phone only to find no response. Your battery has died and you’re still in the middle of your run. It’s rough! Here’s a few different ways to keep your battery up for even the longest trips!


Kill any other apps you don’t need!

This one’s pretty basic. If you’re not using an app while you’re running, close it down! For example, not many of us are actively tweeting while we’re out running. If you’ve got Twitter running in the background of your phone, kill the app! Don’t worry, it’ll still be there when you finish.


Limit Data Usage

On a similar note, limit your data usage! If you use an app like Spotify, or Google Play Music, make sure you download the songs on your playlist before you head out. By cutting the streaming going on by apps, you’re cutting back on data usage which may be eating all your battery.


Turn your screen brightness down

Some people have their phone brightness cranked up so they can see every last pixel on their screens. Chances are when you’re out tracking, your eyes are going to be on the road, so dial it back a little bit and those times you do need to check your phone while you’re out won’t eat up as much battery.


Shorten your Screen activity

Ever gone to check to see if you’ve gotten a new text message, then just put your phone down? Sometimes the screen will just stay on for 30 seconds even if you aren’t doing anything. Cutting that time down will make sure even if you do accidently get to your lock screen, the battery drain is minimal.


Disable Bluetooth/WiFi

Obviously the first part of this doesn’t apply if you’ve got a Bluetooth Heart Rate monitor on while you’re out, but having Bluetooth and WiFi on while you’re out can drain a good part of your battery.  By disabling these two, chances are you’ll have plenty of battery to browse the web when you get back!


Keep your phone at a Neutral Temperature

We hear this one a lot during the winter and summer months. In extreme cold, sometimes phones with a lot of battery left can just shut off, no warning necessary. You’ll have to get home to plug it in before it’ll let you boot it back up. If it’s too hot out, your phone’s battery can overheat and really just eat whatever juice you’ve got left. Keeping your phone right in that Goldilocks zone of not-too-hot, not-too-cold will help ensure that you don’t fall victim to either of these two fates when you’re out tracking. Storing your phone in a nice case or your pocket will keep it warm in the winter and away from the hot sun in the summer!

That’s what we’ve got for you. Let us know if you’ve got any handy tips for ensuring your battery stays out of the red when you’re tracking!

Credit for the images used above (in order): Janitors (feature), Jason Howie, DARPA, mendhakManuel Iglesias, Retro00064, and Paul Downey