We asked the Runkeeper community what advice they would give to a runner who was about to run their very first race. Here’s what they had to say:

16 Pieces of Advice for Anyone Running Their First Race

1. “Don’t stress about it—you can always walk!”



2. “You’ll always remember your first race. Do your best, but make sure to enjoy it.”


have fun

3. “Have you pooped?”

-Craig via Facebook

there is no bathroom

4. “Think about all the food at the finish line!”



5. “Listen to the crowd, they give you energy.”

-Ashely via Facebook


6. “Start out slower than you want to finish.”


7. “Regret caused by quitting lasts longer than the muscle soreness.”

-Michel via Facebook

8. “Find your mantra you can chant when you’re feeling like “why the F did I sign up for this again?!”

-Michelle via Facebook

9. “Enjoy it all…training is work, the race is celebration.”

-Ken via Facebook

10. “Don’t try to keep up with everyone, run your own race.”



11. “Finishing walking is finishing. Finishing slowly is finishing. You are lapping everyone on the couch.”

-Kim via Facebook

1 walk

12. “Look, you may lose hope before you reach the end. But when your friends wake up and see you finished, it would be worth it.”


13. “Run the mile that you’re in! Don’t stress over what looms ahead.”


youre almost there

14. “You will find a buddy/mate at your pace, stay with them & encourage each other.”


15. “SMILE at the finish—that’s where they take most of the pictures.”

-Kelly via Facebook

look at the camera

16. “Tie your shoes.”


What advice would you give to someone running their first race? Let us know in the comments!

Happy running!