Have you ever thought about how much better you feel after you’ve worked out or gone for a run? 

As part of its mission to uplift the world through sport, ASICS is inviting everyone to be a part of its unique study to understand exactly how long it takes for exercise to positively impact the mind.

How does the Mind Uplift work?

Combining facial scanning technology with scientifically developed questions, the Mind Uplifter measures 10 cognitive and emotional metrics to show how movement makes you think and feel.

Results from the study aim to prove the link between sport and better mental wellbeing. The findings from this first-of-its-kind global study will enable ASICS to campaign for better funding, education, and access to sport for all.

See the global data on the World Uplift Map.

Mind Uplift results from the team 

Members of the ASICS running apps team were eager to see how their minds were impacted by movement. Here are the results:

“This was nifty. After my run, I felt less stressed, more awake, and energized. I was surprised at how much effort it takes just to get out the door and get started.” – Rob H. 

“​Before my workout, I was having trouble focusing and found my energy dropping. After my 20-minute walk, I felt rejuvenated and was really surprised by how much my energy levels and confidence levels increased, especially with short lower intensity exercise.” – Alison G. 

“I was excited to test this out! I did a brief yoga workout for mindfulness and felt pretty relaxed. This was a cool and unique experience.” Sukh B.

“I danced and did feel energized afterward. I was kinda surprised it worked. The energy increase was a temporary feeling though.” – Kayla C.

“Even just after a minute of doing some light physical activity (jumping jacks), I felt as though my mind were ever so slightly clearer. It was interesting to see the changes visualized on the screen.” – Scott B.

“I did some jumping jacks and squats. Typically before cardio, I’m not the happiest camper. I feel much better afterward. It’s nice to feel your heart beating fast and then feel it slow down as the adrenaline is replaced with relaxation.” – Cate H.

ASICS: Uplifting Minds since 1949

ASICS’ founding mission is to help everyone achieve a sound mind in a sound body. At the heart of this is an unrelenting belief in the power of sport to uplift the mind. We believe this philosophy is now more important than ever. For more information on the Mind Uplift, click here.

Mental health and movement

Your mental and physical health have to work together to help maintain both a healthy body and outlook. We hope we’re able to give you tools for both so that you can live a life that gives you a sound mind in a sound body (Anima Sana In Corpore Sano…ASICS). Click here to learn more about how movement impacts your mental health.