Uh, raise your hand if you have no idea how many miles you’ve put on your running shoes.

Yeah, we thought so. Even though conventional wisdom suggests replacing running shoes every 300-500 miles, it can be a lot of effort to keep track. And it shouldn’t be, considering you’re already tracking all of your runs with Runkeeper.

That’s why we’ve introduced shoe tracking! Here’s how it works.

  • Head to the Settings tab in Runkeeper, enter your shoe brand and model. You tell us when you’d like to be reminded to get a new pair and we’ll send you a push notification once you’ve hit that total distance. Easy peezy!
  • Sneakerheads, you can add as many pairs as you want. Tap to select the one you’d like to be your primary pair and added to all runs by default.
  • You can also add your shoe model at the end of a run, in the post-activity summary. This is a great way to indicate when you’re mixing it up with a different pair.

Of course your shoes probably aren’t brand new today, so you’ll want past runs to count towards that total, right? With our last 6.4 update, released last week, you can now tell us when you started running with your shoes and we’ll retroactively add that distance from Runkeeper to that pair. Magic! Or, if you’ve really been taking notes this whole time, you can manually input the distance on those shoes, and we’ll start from there.

We know life’s too busy to be obsessing over your running equipment, so we’ll take care of that piece. You focus on getting out there and putting the distance in.