Want to run faster, longer, or need a challenge after hitting a plateau? It sounds like interval workouts might be just what the doctor ordered. Intervals are a type of workout that alternates periods of high-effort exercise with lower-intensity recovery. They are a great way to increase the overall intensity and improve endurance or speed without breaking too far out of your comfort zone (or allotted workout time).

It’s easy to create interval workouts within the ASICS Runkeeper app (our audio cues will tell you exactly when to speed up or slow down). To start:

  • Go to the Start tab
  • Tap the “Workout” cell
  • Scroll down and tap Custom to create a new workout
  • See more detailed instructions in this support article

Important Note: If the app is ever uninstalled and reinstalled, those saved workouts will disappear. However, they can be created and saved again.

If you’re interested in running intervals but don’t know where to start, we’ll be checking out our weekly workout series created by Laura Norris. It even includes an easy link that you bring to the already-created workout in the Runkeeper app. Ready for another style of running workout? How about The Out and Back Progression Run?