When’s the last time you laced up a new pair of running shoes? A few months ago? A year? A few years? Experts recommend replacing running shoes anywhere from about 300 to 600 miles. The impact of every step causes stress on your joints, and that stress adds up the longer you wear your old shoes. Use our Shoe Tracker to help you track your mileage so you can be confident during every run. It will help you know when your pair is in despair.

How to know when it’s the right time to change out your running shoes by the experts as ASICS.

If you’ve updated to version 11.7 of the ASICS Runkeeper app on your phone, you might have noticed a few notable changes to the Shoe Tracker feature. We’ll walk you through the big updates:

We moved Shoe Tracker to the Me tab 

Now you can quickly check in on how far you’ve run in your shoes–in the same place you view all your other stats.

Sparkly new Shoe Tracker home page

Scroll through all your active shoes, check their progress towards their distance goal, and check out relevant stats per shoe so you can see how each shoe contributes to your performance. 

Shoe Tracker now counts walking activities

Previously, only Running activities counted toward your goal distance but now your walks will too. When you add a new pair, we’ll recommend a distance goal based on whether you plan to track running, walking, or both. 

You can now retire worn-out shoes to prevent injury

We want you to run safely! We made it easier to record which shoes you wore for each activity and keep track of mileage so you know when it’s time to toss those old shoes and get a new pair. 

Set default shoes for running and walking activities 

Keep in mind that any new shoes you add will automatically be set as default for the activity types you’ll use them for.

You can add more detail to the shoes you wear

Keep a more accurate record of your shoe history, and you can even add a picture of your personal pair.

When you’ve hit the goal distance for a pair, easily navigate from the Shoe Tracker home page to the ASICS Shoe Finder* to find the best replacement shoes for you.

Phew! We’re really excited about these updates and hope you are too. What’s coming up? We’ll send push notifications and emails to help you keep an eye on your goal distance–we’ll let you know when you hit it too!

Need help navigating Shoe Tracker? Visit the Runkeeper Help Center.

*not available in all countries.