Looking to mix things up or introduce some strength work between all the miles (or kilometers)? We know your fitness goals are constantly changing, which is why we created a new app to give you access to great workouts wherever you are, whenever you have time.

It’s called ASICS Studio, and it brings the experience of a fitness class right to your earbuds. It has everything we love about fitness classes (butt-kicking instructors, music and carefully selected exercises) and less of what we don’t (overcrowded studios, inconvenient class times, and high gym membership prices).

There are over 100 workouts in the app right now, spanning categories like strength training, treadmill, fusion, outdoor running, indoor cycling, and elliptical, with more being added every week. And any treadmill workouts you do can be easily exported to Runkeeper. That means you can continue tracking your progress—even when the weather would otherwise stop you.

We love that the ASICS Studio app allows us to get in a good workout literally anytime, day or night—and that we don’t even have to leave the house if we don’t want to.

Ready to try it? All you need to get started is your phone and a way to listen. The upbeat music and trainer-led audio might be exactly what you need when you’re lacking motivation, need to get some cross-training in, or are forced to log some time on the dreaded treadmill.

Download ASICS Studio for iOS or Andorid here.